Legislature Clean Audit

The Northern Cape reports significant and sustained improvement in its financial management record and is pleased to announce that the institution received a clean audit for the year ending 31 March 2016.

The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature achieved the magnificent results of a clean bill of health under the firm and decisive leadership of the Secretary, Mr Patrick Moopelwa. The Provincial Legislature receiving the clean audit is based on the narrative that the institution moved from a qualified audit opinion to achieving an unqualified audit opinion. This effort was made possible through the concerted effort of both management and staff to ensure that all prior years’ commitments were properly accounted for.

This vast turnaround for the highest oversight body in the province towards attaining good governance displays that that the institution is well on track towards achieving its goal of establishing credible financial control system and increasingly highlights that the institution is making good in managing its finances.

This new dimension of clean audit approach was a tremendous improvement for the provincial legislature, however, this was made possible by placing action plans to address recurring audit findings and continuously improving financial management capacity and practices and taking corrective action to address poor performance together with the strong political will of the Speaker, Mr Kenny Mmoiemang to build a culture of accountability, excellence and transparency.

The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature had to overcome stringent measures to achieve a clean audit which related to issues of performance against set objectives as well as compliance with laws and regulations.

The Secretary, Mr Patrick Moopelwa, acknowledges the outstanding work and dedicated efforts of the entire senior management and staff and accolades to all and those responsible for internal audit and financial management for ensuring that the institution kept its books in a good condition. Moopelwa further stated that ‘’achieving the clean audit is a result of deliberate actions from all internal stakeholders and it must be applauded. As the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature celebrate this feat today, it notes that the clean audit restores the dignity of the institution as the highest law making and oversight body in the province and illustrates that the institution is functioning well. When a financial audit is conducted, focus is not only on financial statements but it includes financial accountability, which also includes financial records and internal controls which also includes internal audit’, he further states that ‘as the institution we made commitment to improve our key controls, audit strategy and implementing initiatives to improve our audit outcome we had to strengthen our financial oversight responsibility to address the insufficient monitoring controls to ensure the overall process of planning, budgeting, implementation and reporting which included implementing monitoring controls’’. Moopelwa further reiterated that ‘the institutional management is aware of the enormity of the task of maintaining a clean administration and is already putting plans in place to ensure that the gains are not reversed. At the same time it must be acknowledged that some immaterial matters, which do not affect the audit outcome, still need to be resolved and management does have a solid plan to address these’’.