MEDIA STATEMENT: NCPL School Competition Celebrating 20 years of the Constitution

The year 2016 marked the 20 year anniversary of the signing into law of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa by President Nelson
Mandela in December 1996.

The Legislative sector, which includes Parliament and all Provincial Legislatures, thus are celebrating this 20 year anniversary this year.
As part of the commemoration, the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature is officially launching a Provincial Schools competition for Grade nine (9)
learners across the Province, under the theme „My Constitution, My Rights, My Responsibilities‟; which seeks to promote Democratic Constitutionalism
and ensure that legislative processes are inclusive and representative amongst society.

Further to that, the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature is celebrating this commemoration of the SA Constitution in order to pay tribute to the political master-minds, negotiators and drafters (pioneers) of the Constitution; to celebrate two decades of South Africa‟s first democratic Constitution and foster greater patriotism and nation-building through renewed national momentum around the aspirations of the Constitution as well as to encourage dialogue and the sharing of experiences of what the adoption of the Constitution signified in the lives of the different generations.

The 2017 Legislature School Creative Writing and Art Competition is in partnership with the Northern Cape Department of Education. All Grade 9 learners in the province are encouraged to contemplate on and express through written art form or creative art, how the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have changed their lives.

The Legislature's decision to focus on grade 9 learners aims to foster a renewed awareness and build momentum amongst the generation born after the country's transition to democracy (commonly referred to as the „born frees‟) and gain insight into the perceptions and lived experiences of the democratic dispensation for this generation of young South Africans.

A form of reward for the immense effort put in by our learners will be as follows:

1st prize: The winner will receive a prize to the value of R 5 000 for their School. A Trophy, a tour to the Legislature Building, attendance of a Committee meeting and House sitting and a prize to the value of R3 000 as well as a trip to Parliament and Robben Island (Western Cape Province) will be awarded to the learner.

2nd prize: A Trophy, a tour to the NCPL, attendance of a Committee meeting and House sitting and a prize to the value of R2 000 and a trip to visit the Union building and Constitutional House (Gauteng Province).

3rd prize: A Trophy, a tour to the NCPL, attendance of a Committee meeting and House sitting and a prize to the value of R1 000.

The closing date of the competition is the 25th of October 2017 and adjudication will take place from 26 – 31 October 2017. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded during an Award ceremony on the 3rd November 2017.

I wish to take this opportunity to encourage grade nine learners to enter this Competition, which aims to promote the role and function of the Legislature, and to stimulate learners and encourage open dialogue while they have fun learning about the gains of our country and sharing of experiences on the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.


Outline of the Assessment and Criteria
The process of assessment will include the establishment of a panel to select the provincial winners and identify the top two entries for the province. The competition will include two components, namely a creative writing component (350 - 400 word essay) or creative arts component (paper based art – Size A2). Learners will be required to either write an essay (in any official language of their choice) or produce a paper based artwork on what the Bill of Rights mean to them as South Africans born after the adoption of the Constitution.

The Criteria for the 2017 NCPL School Creative Writing and Art Competition 2017 is that a percentage system will be applied in an effort to streamline the writing competition and to make judging less subjective, and more easily understood. Each essay will be read by 2‐3 judges and the following criteria will be applied:

Creativity 40% Expresses ideas not commonly found in the other essays / answers the question in an unexpected way/ display a lot of thought on behalf of the learner/ address the topic in a way that makes the reader think
Structure 20% Essay organized in a comprehensible way / adheres to a traditional format, that is; clear Introduction (beginning), body (middle) and body (end)
Adherence to Topic 10% Essay in one way or another must address the topic at hand
Grammar 10% Grammar correct enough that the essay is easy to understand
Length 10% Essay must contain between 300 and 350 words.
“Wow!” factor 10% Essay has the “wow” factor
TOTAL 100%