Office of the Secretary

Office of the Secretary

Mr P.B. Moopelwa (Secretary to Legislature)

The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL) is one of nine provincial legislatures and the administrative wing of the Legislature is headed by the provincial secretary. The Secretary (or secretary to the Legislature) provides leadership to all employees and strategic support to the Speaker and Members of the Provincial Legislature. The Risk Management and Internal Audit Unit forms part of the Office of the Secretary.

Risk Management

  • The risk management component is responsible for the following functions:
  • The strategic and operational objectives of the Legislature and the identification and management of possible potential risks which might hinder the achievement of the stated strategic and operational objectives,
  • To perform the internal control function aimed at providing reasonable assurance regarding the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations, internal financial control, as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Annual risk assessment workshops are facilitated during which unit managers and other representatives are required to identify risks that pertain to their respective units.
  • To ensure that all developed actions plans are implemented by having follow-up meetings with the relevant risks owners.

Internal Control
The internal control function is responsible for the following functions:

  • Reviews of previous internal and external audit reports to identify any weaknesses in internal controls and facilitate discussions with management in order to address identified weaknesses;
  • The internal audit component operates on a combined assurance plan that is risk based, i.e. it is based on the most recent strategic risk register of the Legislature and is designed to provide reasonable assurance on the accuracy and validity of various processes of the Legislature;
  • Reviews of specific areas where an error has been identified to determine the extent of it in order to rectify such an error;
  • Audits which are carried out by the risk management component, the Auditor-General and the internal audit component also enable the detection of additional risks that might be missed during the risk assessment process.

For more information contact the Office of the Secretary at:

Name and Surname Designation Telephone Number E-mail address
Mr P.B. Moopelwa Secretary to Legislature 053 839 8013
Ms E Fransman Acting: Executive Secretary 053 839 8014
Mr T Cogang Acting: Manager: Risk Monitoring & Evaluation 053 839 8012
Mr O Wolf Acting: Specialist: Monitoring & Evaluation 053 839 8375
Mr T Shongwe Internal Auditor 053 839 8076
Ms M Moeti Risk Specialist 053 839 8319