The Speaker

Speaker ANC Newrine Klaaste

The Speaker is the political head of the Legislature and is elected to position by fellow MPLs in accordance with Section 111 of the Constitution of South Africa. The Speaker is responsible for the overall management of the Legislature. The Speaker also presides over debates and sittings, and ensures that Members of the Legislature observe the Rules of the House. The individual holding the position of Speaker must be impartial and fair at all times. The Speaker is the guardian of the right to freedom of speech in the House. Beyond simply keeping a “clean” House, the Speaker works closely with the Provincial Secretary, who is the Accounting Officer of the Legislature, and is directly accountable to the Speaker. In accordance with section 111of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996), the Deputy Speaker assumes all responsibilities, powers and functions of the Speaker in his/her absence.